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DIY hood, light w/o glass top. 48" fluorescent tube. CONDENSATION?

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Hi, thanks for looking, im planning on building a wood hood for my 48inch 55 gallon (200L). Its gonna be a shop light in the hood without glass top on tank. I was thinking of enclosing the wood top except some cut out in the back for filter. Is this a big problem. Will the light become too wet from condensation? Will the wood get too wet, im gonna stain or paint inside white to reflect more light.

Questions on tank balance. Im doing low tech setup. See it

Am i using too much light with 2 40watt fluorescent tubes. I dose 1/2 flora pride. No CO2. I might reduce light to 10 hours with more lighting. Will I grow algea. I do water changes weekly.

Any other advice. Do I really need a glass top to protect shop light?
Can I still get by without CO2?
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While building a hood I test drove it over a filled tank. The hood wasn't stained and painted yet and the tank didn't have a glass top. I would up with some pretty nasty water stains on it. If i were to run and enclosed canopy without a glass top I would want to ventilate it somehow. Reef folks use fans.
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