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On my spawning tanks stand, I have 3 3' T-12 light fixtures. Just your basic shop lights from Lowe's. I have them all wired to one light switch. When I first built it, all 3 lights would come on at the same time. Now that there has been condinsation and water popping up from the air bubbles they don't all come on at the same time. I jst got home about 5 minutes ago and flipped the switch and 2 came on. Within the next 10 minutes or so the third one will come on. I think it is from the water coming up into the semi hoods around the lights and getting into the fixture. I have used the flora pride too when my plants start looking a little yellow. Other than that, I just used seachum root tabs in the gravel. When I did my rescape, I did get a little bit of algea with just my single bulb. I have gotten it under control now, and I haven't ever had to use Co2 in my tank. It might grow a little slower, but with a full time job and 11 tanks I don't need a tank that needs lots of attention.

This is what happens to all lights, not just from water. You need to replace the starters for these lamps.
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