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DIY filter will it work for shrimp?

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OK so i woulkd like to make my own filter for my shrimp tanks not just a sponge with an air stone in it. It would be nice to be able to get all of the types of filters in one if possible. So I was wondering if this would work.

As of right now I am thinking of using a sponge instead of the filter floss cause I dont have the money to get that. And not to sure if the baby shrimp could/would get down in it and get stuck and die. So a tighter fitting sponge is what I am thinking. This is going to go into a smaller tank to so thinking I will be using the smallest water bottles for it.

Just dont know if it will work wanted to see what the TPT all thought about it. Will it work? Will my little shrimps be ok with this? What do you all thin? Thank you all for any/all input.
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It depends on the type of sponge. This is a novel idea however beer in mind those holes don't allow much water to penetrate the flipped top and the more media used will limit the flow of water entering the filter. This filter will benefit mainly through biological filtration but not so mechanically due to the limited water transfer. Ymmv. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
That's is one off the oldest designs in the hobby, the humble box filter. Yes, it will and does work very well.

I prefer a foam(sponge) over floss as shrimp or fish fry will graze on the biofilm living on there foam. The foam is easily cleaned and no additional cost are involved. Extra points on the recycled plastic bottle use!!

OFF TOPIC but I really like these bottle recycle DIY

Stay with it, worth watching:
Thank you both the sponge that I am planning on using dose have some bigger holes in it. I am also going to be putting in a few more holes then he did. Hopefully I wont be using it for a very long time. Just to get by until I can get some real ones. Well unless this dose work out good then I might stick with it and use a store bought one. But how I see as of right now some is better then none right? lol

Thanks again,
And yes Dogfish thats what I was thinking about the sponge thought that they might be able to feed better on it then the floss. And not get down into it and die or what not. The boat is sweet and I would love to be able to make a green house out of plastic bottles. I already use bags to make my own yarn (plarn) that I crochet with. I like to recycle things if I can.

Thank you both,
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