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DIY fermentation CO2 questions- making a drink and helping your tank all in one?

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So I've tried the whole fermentation method before-

a two liter bottle, yeast, sugar, water, tubing, and a hole drilled into the lid with tubing and sealed with silicone.
I didn't have a diffuser, but the time spent just wasn't worth it to me.

Lately, I've been curious about fermentation of other things (mead, wine, so on- yes I'm of age), and have been sort of on the fence about it.
I had a sudden idea today.
Make a beverage, hooked up to the tank and a diffuser, to kill two birds with one stone. The sugar method is the most expensive over time to produce CO2, but... If I was going to make mead or wine anyway, its literally free CO2.

I've seen two liter bottle setups where the fermentation bottle had a pressure gauge, which led to another bottle, and that bottle led to the tank with a regulator. I've just never noticed fermentation being exactly reliable- 1 bubble per minute one day, 12 the next, and so on. My idea was to figure out how long a bottle lasts, (say, two weeks) and making another bottle when the first is half depleted. (So if its two weeks, I would be making a bottle every week.)

Has anyone used a multiple-bottle setup and gotten reliable output with a regulator?
How much did it cost?

Would something like this or this work?

Does anyone have a nice CO2 fermentation setup they'd like to share?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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