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DIY External 100% CO2 Diffuser Reactor

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I had just created this DIY External 100% CO2 Diffuser Reactor for my planted aquarium tank to solve the following problem.

1. I want an efficient CO2 diffuser that is 100% effective
2. I don't unsightly stuff in my planted tank
3. I want to turn on my CO2 only when the lights is on.

So I searched online for days for ideas and finally found a few...I realised diffuser are not exactly 100% efficient & effective hence I turned to CO2 reactor.

However CO2 reactor with submersible pump is very unsightly and can distract you from enjoying the fish tank.

Hence, I decided to put the reactor externally and into my sump which is convenient.

Things required.

1. A submersible pump
2. DIY CO2 mixture (search on youtube to find out how to make)
3. A small plastic soda bottle
4. A large 1.5 litres plastic soda bottle
5. Hot Glue gun
6. Soldering iron or electric drill

Step 1. Use soldering iron or electric drill to make a hole on the top of the bottle cap of the smaller bottle.

Step 2. Make sure the hole is just big enough for the hose to go into the small bottle from the submersible pump.

Step 3. Hot glue the cap on the outside & inside so that it's air tight

Step 4. Make many small holes at the bottom of the small bottle

Step 5. Cut the top of the big plastic bottle so that you can put your small bottle inside.

Step 6. Put the air hole that divert the CO2 to the submersible pump and connect the hose

Step 7. Plug in the plugs to a extension power bar together with the lights...the extension power bar plug in to a timer that turn on both at the same time.

Step 8. Test the CO2 Diffuser Reactor by turning it on and see if it works.
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Forget to add, there is a suction cup at the side of the small bottle to stick to the inside of the big bottle to prevent it floating up...

But I might just add some heavy stuff in the small bottle to prevent that happening...since the bottom are holes instead of a big hole...should be possible.

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Update: the air hose to pump idea is dismissed as the water speed is so fast it pumped water into it instead!! Will redesign it again probably with multiple suction cups to the sides of the small bottle to stick the bottle in place to prevent floating up!
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