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DIY Dual Stage Reg

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I have just recently gotten into planted aquariums and really enjoy everything about them. I have yet to set up my tank but have been working on everything to make sure it is all good to go. My biggest concern was setting up a stable, accurate and easy to use CO2 rig. There are countless threads on here for post body kits that work great. I wanted to try something different that is a bit cheaper and works just as well.

I come from a paintball background ( I've been playing for 16 years and have traveled all over the globe to play professionally ) and CO2/compressed air is very familiar to me. The paintball regulators out there are used for CO2/compressed air all the time. They are smaller, extremely adjustable, light and come standard with 1/8" ports. As well they are extremely easy to take apart to if anything were to go wrong as well. Most are adjustable from 50-450PSI with a small 3/16" or 1/8" allen key. I few that have been around forever are...

  1. DYE - Hyper2, Hyper3, Proto
  2. CP - Gen2 and Gen3
  3. Bob Long - Any new style.
Hyper3 - I will be using this.

Now it seems that everyone is looking for a dual stage reg so I searched for a small regulator that is adjustable from 0-100PSI. After searching I found a great regulator that has a tiny footprint along with easy adjustment. Norgren R07. The best part is you can find them new from $5-15! This will be our second regulator along with the paintball reg.

Size :

Pull cap up and you will unlock it to adjust. Simple and easy.

Very easy to take apart

First you will need to adjust the main/paintball reg under 300 psi for the Norgren regulator as it has a max input of 300PSI. Connect everything else like you normally would an tada, dual stage regulator. This is smaller, lighter and cheaper ( no used equipment ).

I will have everything set up this weekend to show more photo's. I am working on a adapter for the paintball reg to fit on a bulk CO2 tank.

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I use one of those Norgen regulators after my single stage regulator, except I have a Beverage Factory regulator and not one of those nice little paintball regulators. I have had it set up this way for about 8 months now with no issues. I was a bit concerned at first because the Norgen regulator I have says that it's for compressed air only, but I figured that if it fails I only have about 25 - 30 psi going through it so it shouldn't do any major damage.
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