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diy diffuser? a couple questions...

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is it better to have the diffuser closer to the surface than the substrate??:confused1: i noticed my diy reactor seems to put out more co2 positioned closer to the surface. i am using a diffusion bell type system and want to know whether i should put it closer to the top of the tank (where i get more co2 flow) or closer to the substrate? thanx in advance guys and gals!!!:smile:
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I inject mine right into a koralia nano powerhead near the surface. Not sure if this is helping or not with diffusion.
I would think that it would be better to diffuse closer the substrate, giving the bubble more time to travel to different parts of the tank before rising and releasing into the air. As for the bpm increase near the top, there's less pressure near the top of the the aquarium than near the bottom.
ya ... i realize the pressure difference which is why i thought it might be better to keep the bell closer to the top but keeping it close to the substrate makes sense too. thought there might be a quantity is better than quality type rule here but ill play it by ear. also i would use a powerhead but i dont want to spent money on one.... so ya, im cheap lol!!! thanx for the help :)
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