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DIY Conversion from fluorescent bulb to LED help

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I am from Michigan the Warren area. Just wanted to say a quick hello before I ask a question and post my first post. I have read and watched many youtube videos on people converting fluorescent bulbs to LED strips that are waterproof and an LED driver to convert an aquarium hood light to LED. But no one explains what has to match between the driver and the LED light strips to make it safe and not burn out the lights or cause a safety hazard. I'm pretty handy so it looks simple but I am not sure to the specs needed to make the matching pair. Thanks for your time and help. Any guidance is appreciated.

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The formula is pretty simple.
You have 2 devices with 3 numbers that you have to match.
An example would be a strip of LEDs that are 34V @ 750mA.
You will need a LED Driver that is A/C in (sometimes called VAC for Voltage A/C) and DC out.
Here is an example of what an LED driver looks like with the number similar to what I'm saying.
1) The LED Driver must have an output amp rating at or slightly less than the LED. It Can't be more.

2) The LED Driver must have an output (Forward) Voltage Range that covers the Voltage required for the LED. If the LED Drive output voltage has a range of 30-40V than it's range is covering the 34V that the LED needs. The Driver can't have a higher range (40-60V) than the led, or a lower range (15-20V)

3) The LED Drivers will have an input voltage. Make sure that the input voltage matches the 110-120V range as that will allow you to plug it directly up to your wall outlet.

Your LEDs whether a strip or singles will have a Forward voltage and an Amperage. It's just a matter of purchasing a drive to match.

It's pretty simple. Find a drive that matches your LEDs Amperage and has an output voltage range that covers the voltage needed.

Hope this helps.
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