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DIY Conversion from fluorescent bulb to LED help

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I am from Michigan the Warren area. Just wanted to say a quick hello before I ask a question and post my first post. I have read and watched many youtube videos on people converting fluorescent bulbs to LED strips that are waterproof and an LED driver to convert an aquarium hood light to LED. But no one explains what has to match between the driver and the LED light strips to make it safe and not burn out the lights or cause a safety hazard. I'm pretty handy so it looks simple but I am not sure to the specs needed to make the matching pair. Thanks for your time and help. Any guidance is appreciated.

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Check out truelumen by current they sell led strip lights that fit into the old lights simple simple simple , unless you want to fool around building your own that I can't help you with
I've also seen led flourscent bulbs now that fit right into your fixture seen those at kensfish
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