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Alright so I set up my CO2 bottle with a tsp of yeast, 2 cups of sugar, and warm water, and it's pumping out CO2 pretty good. It won't, however; push air out of the plastic/foam air stone I have, so I just shoved the tube to the bottom of my Aquaclear 30. Though to be honest I think it was already used cause I had to blow until my face was nearly purple to get air to start coming out, obviously not a good air stone LOL. The bubble ares slowly coming out of the spillway, and circulating in the current and I can physically see them getting very tiny, and some of them pop, the rest float out into the tank. Naturally, I assume this is a very poor method of diffusing. AKA won't it kill the bacteria in my filter?

What kind of methods are good for a cheap temporary diffusion method. This will only be running until I order my shrimps, and at that point it will be gone. Should I pick up a ceramic diffuser? Do wood airstones work well enough? Or is the tube shoved in my filter an OK temporary method? I'm worried it's going to kill the BB...:help:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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