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DIY co2?

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So what do you think about this plan for a 55g for now. I'm looking into pressurized but I want to give this a try first to see how it works. It's a pretty simple design and it's similar to one I'm using on a 10g. I have 2 1L bottles on the 10g that are connected to 1 line.

The 10g is producing a decent amount of co2 and it looks like its getting diffused for the most part. I'll probably start 2 a week before I start the 2nd group so I don't have to change all 4 at once.
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The only trouble is how to tell when a bottle is running low. On my 55 I am now running two large juice jugs and have two diffusors. It is easy for me to see when one is running out.

Of course, if you keep on a regular schedule for changes, then you don't have to worry about it, but I would tie a string on the next bottle to change so you don't forget what side you are on.
What size jugs are they, like 1 gallon? I think I like that idea a little more, what kind of diffusers do you have, and what amounts of yeast and sugar do you put in?
I think they are 1 gallon. You can get them at Wal-Mart I think. There is a big one that is kinda square on the base. I have started using juice jugs instead of soda bottles since they have more stable bottoms to them.

I use two cups of sugar, one full teaspoon of baking soda (slows the reaction), and about a quarter teaspoon of yeast.

For diffusors, I have tried many including the haygen ladder, but for very cost effective, I usually use fine bubble under-gravel diffusors and set them to mist right near or under my powerhead intake.

Right now I am trying out a pretty glass/ceramic one and it mists very fine, but takes a huge amount of pressure to get going.

Here is a thread about a good way to make your bottle caps and a bubble counter if you are interested:
are the fine bubble undergravel stones you're talking about the plastic ones? and do the have a limited life span or have you seen them last pretty long?
Yep, just white (I think they are plasic) and very handy since most of them come with air line connectors in the package.

I have used the same ones for years. Eventually they get a little brown and crudgy looking, but it never seemed to affect how they work.
Just tee straight across all 4 bottles. No need for the middle stage (vertically).
Would you want to add maybe one separator bottle to keep some of the yeast goodie out of the diffuser? You could use it as a bubble counter too.

Here's a few pics, but neither shows 4 bottles connected to one separator.

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Left C: You should really give credit to the site where you took those pictures from.

I use two cups of sugar, one full teaspoon of baking soda (slows the reaction), and about a quarter teaspoon of yeast.
Baking soda Does NOT slow the reaction. It slows acidity build up which can kill your yeast.
Don't think I would do the tied together one. Half the reason for the seperator is to protect from getting mix pumped into the tank if the bottle tipped over. Doesn't help if they both tip over at the same time.
Baking soda Does NOT slow the reaction. It slows acidity build up which can kill your yeast.

Okay... so it prolongs the usefullness of the reaction. All I know is it slows down the rate at which you have to change out bottles.
When I ran a similar setup setup, I ran 2 check valves for the 4 bottles. Using a check valve after each (T piece) set of 2 bottles, maintains pressure across the system when you remove the bottles to replace them.

Your design looks just like mine, except for I had 2 CV's rather than 6. For consistent CO2 levels, rotate which side you replace each week.
alright thanks for all the input, for some reason I just didn't think of using larger bottles lol, so I'll end up using 2 gal containers which is about 3.8 L each, which should be enough. I don't know if I'm going to connect them or not, I think 2 separate ones should be ok.
Yea, the larger bottles do come in handy. I only have to change them about a month apart.
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