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I have learned not to fuss too much with the variation in the DIY CO2 output. That is when you get unwanted results, yeast spills, black hair algae, fast pH shifts and just about all the possible negative things CO2 could do.

If it happens slowly, I think the tank gets time to adjust to it.
I don't fuss if CO2 is slow to build up, especially if I let the previous bottle run its course.
I don't rush to make a new bottle the moment bubble count slows down a bit.
Try to feel the natural pace. When it is cool in the morning output is less than it will be later in the after noon.
Find the point where your bubble rate is more or less acceptable for most of the time, stick with it.
It is not pressurised CO2, you will NEVER be able to dial it in to the same precision without some kind of pressure regulator.

Don't feed or light more than you can provide CO2 for.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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