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So you know how to inject CO2 but aren't quite sure how to get it to dissolve in the water? Well your at the right page. Below is a cheap DIY reactor that does the job great for a small price compared to commercial reactors.(Thanx to Dr. Jay for all the info)

The reactor is actually very simple. First the CO2 enters the reactor through a hole drilled into the tube. The CO2 is then forced downards by the pump.
The foam stops any bubbles from entering the water but water can pass through. This forces the bubbles to be churned around in a little 'chamber'. This added agitation and time in contact with the water, more efficiently diffuses the CO2.
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The reactor doing it's job in the tank.

How to make it?


1 Gravel cleaning kit (syphon)

1 Rio 600 submersible pump (or equivalent)

Enough foam to fit into tube

A supply of CO2 and a tube to go into the reactor

Total cost = $30-40

1. Take the gravel cleaning kit and cut the flexible tube leaving only 1 1/2 in. above the sturdy tube.
2. Drill a hole into the sturdy tube roughly 2-3" below the top.
3. Insert the Foam in the bottom of the tube.
4. Connect the pump to the tube, insert the CO2 supply, place in tank and plug in. That's it!

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The Rio 600 submersible pump!

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Reactor right before adding to tank!
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