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DIY Co2 Question

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Ok My filter is an HOB so how should I diffuse the co2 just put the airline tubing next to the intake and let the co2 come out at the top of the water? or is there somthing else I should do? The only problem I see Is that the tank is 30" tall and the plants will be mostly foreground. Will this matter? Thanks!
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Can someone Please awnser this
I use one of these Tom's airline elbows wedged into an instake slot on my AquaClear's. One end is connected to the CO2 tubing and the other end is placed so that it bubbles straight up. These elbows stay in place and they work well.

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I just cut my tubing at an angle then wedge it into the intake.
I used to run the line into the intake, until I got tired of the sound.

Limewood airstone works way better in my opinion.
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