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DIY CO2 Placement

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So I've been reading mixed reviews about where to place my CO2 tubing. In some articles people say not to place it in the HOB filter intake because the particles get broken up when they meet the air in the outflow. After some consideration though yesterday I decided to put the tubing into the intake to break up the bubbles and distribute them throughout the tank. Do you think I made the right decision?
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hob filters tends to disturb the surface quite a bit, and the return would cause you to lose a lot of co2. if you dont have any ways to inject it mechanically, then just head to a chinese take out joint and take some of their disposable chopsticks. shove it in the tubing and snap it off. place it horizontally into the bottom of your tank beneath your return on the filter. it will produce many tiny bubbles which will be pushed back to the bottom by the return. hope that helped
I actually use que tips which work pretty good. Ive heard of your way also, and I did try it but it wouldnt extend far out enough to reach the current of the HOB and would just float to the surface.
Try the Hagen mini underwater power filter (how to on you tube) works great for me !
you could use suction cups to secure them, but +1 on the internal mini filter. i had great results before i switched to paintball.
Yea ill have to look into it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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