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DIY CO2 frustrations, glosso and HC dying, what to do? Kinda long...

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I have a couple questions regarding my DIY CO2 setup.

I have 2 of these Red Sea Turbo CO2 thingys:

I have been using my own recipe to fill the 1 liter bottles every 2 wks or so. The venturis are on a timer and come on an hr before the lights come on, and turn off an hr before lights out.

I have a total of about 190w of light (see signature for details and filtration). They are on 8 hrs of the day. My temp is 76 degrees, no ammonia, ph about 7.2, no nitrites and nitrates of about 10.

My glosso isn't growing well and my HC is browning a little. All my other plants are going crazy (amazon swords, anacharis, cabomba, blyxa, wisteria). The diandra is doing so-so with green tips (I heard they'll turn pink in the right amount of light), the anubias seems happy and the rotala macandra seems ok. Fishies are doing well and eating like pigs.

I dose with Excel every day, almost 2 capfuls and Iron and regular Flourish once a week. I do weekly 20% water changes.

Any suggestions? I know I need to go pressurized eventually but the funds aren't avaliable for that yet. Where should I place the venturis? I really want carpet plants but I'm getting frustrated. THanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any insight.
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Check your KH & find out what your CO2 levels are. With a pH of 7.2 I would be suprised if your Co2 levels are anywhere close to 30ppm which would be more desirable.
Also, I don't see mention of dosing any of the Macros, N - Nitrogen, P - Phosphate, and K - Potassium.

Try measuring Co2 by the degas method. Measure Ph, take a cup of water and let it sit for approx 24 hrs. Measure PH of the water in the cup. A one degree drop in Ph is equal to 30ppm of Co2.
In addition to the 2 above questions, IMO the 2 plants you mention you are having problem with are more difficult to grow than the others in your list you list.

Also you mention Venturis, with 2 DIY red sea generator. Sounds like you are off gassing some. I personally wouldn't off gas at night, and try to get as much in there as possible.
Thank you for the suggestions. The venturis connected to each 1 liter bottle with DIY mix are turned off at night, but I can try to just leave them on. The instructions recommended they be cut off at night.

My KH was 120 ppm, so my CO2 levels are pretty dismal. And, I don't dose macros, I was hoping fish poop would help somewhat, but I may have to get some of those.

I did get a drop checker from ebay, filled it with distilled water and pH indicator, it is blue during the day and green at night (I guess that makes sense if the plants put off CO2 at night). I will try the degas method as well.
With 190 watts of light over a 55, get yourself some ferts it should help.
Also, did you fill the drop check with straight distilled water? or Distilled water with baking soda to make a KH 4 reference solution?
Regular distilled water should turn green almost instantly since it has absolutely no hardness.
It was distilled KH 4 water (added baking soda) and turned blue when I added the drops. I hope I did it right.
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