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good write up. nice easily explained information.

few questions that I have...

Will having CO2/ferts expand your effective light range. Probably confusing statement, what I mean is if I have a low light tank with ferts and CO2 will I be able to potentially keep moderate light plants in the tank? Or are light levels locked, low light plants can grow in all light levels, as if it were an upward ladder, plants can use light levels up the ladder, but never down the ladder, ie high light would never do well in moderate/low light.

I have just set up a new tank 30Xhigh. Currently my plans are mostly a planted tank with little to no fish. If there are no fish (there are a few snails) do I have to worry about CO2 levels or can I just throw a DIY system on there and not worry about oxygen levels.

Is there such a thing as over fertilizing. In a tank with or without fish ( I also have a 55 planted with fish, moderate light but no CO2) is it possible to overdose the fertilization to the point where it negatively effects plants (in a non fish tank) or fish in an populated tank.

My 55gallon (~2.3 wpg) has BBA. I have routinely started Flourish (2x week) and daily Excel. The BBA does not appear to be spreading at all in the tank, and no other algae seems to be growing. Will regular dosing of ferts and presumably healthy plants ever be enough to get rid of the BBA or once I have it even if it isnt spreading it will not go away on its own. Will the addition of pressurized CO2 cause the algae to die off? And if I add CO2 should I discontinue Excel, but continue on with the other ferts?

Edit- thought of another one. I run an airpump in 55g 24/7. It is not overpopulated, but it is probably about as stocked as I would want it, close to capacity, without overcrowding. If I ran CO2 would I be a fool to continue running the airpump, at least when the light was on? Or if it is pressurized CO2 put through a reactor, will it not matter. The air pump is a model for a 20 gallon tank, so it isnt pumping out huge amounts of air, but I had shut them off when I first started using Excel, and I guess I had a ph crash (if thats possible with Excel) I woke up the next morning and 30% of my fish were dead, got the airspump back on and within half an hour everyone that was still alive was back to normal. So I am nervous about the whole CO2 / lower oxygen level issue...

Thanks for any info you can offer...
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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