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DIY CO2 Diffusion

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So I'm running 2 DIY CO2 juice bottles on my 20G Tall. I'm using a standard airstone to diffuse but it seems like a lot of bubbles are collecting at the top of the tank, is this bad? Ideas?
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i would use something that breaks the bubbles into smaller than what an airstone would do..are you using an HOB? or small canister filter describes a very nice way to diffuse CO2 into the water. The only problem I have had with it is the suction cups not holding well. I may try to use magnets to make it hold better.
I have heard the fluval ceramic CO2 diffuser works great and is relatively cheap. I literally just installed in my tank and the bubbles are very tiny and do not make it to the surface of my 10G. Much better than a generic airstone. I have it installed under the output of my filter which is baffled and forces the CO2 to stay down. Search "yeast" on this site to find the most DIY CO2 threads. It's a DIY - so whichever way you find works best for your needs.. try it. I have seen people use modified syringes, unused cigarette filters, bamboo skewers/chopsticks, etc..
I picked up the fluval ceramic CO2 and it works great! Super small bubbles and works with my DIY.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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