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Hi Folks,

I've never had water clarity problems before (4+ years of non-planted tanks), but am having issues with my 20H (51w, 2x2liter co2 parallel into hagen ladder, EI dosing, 2 HOB filters totaling 120GPH with floss and AC [tannins]). This is my first planted tank, so I'm not sure which variable to attribute it to.

One problem I'm having is that the bubble emitter on my ladder clouds up with some fungus, preventing the bubbles from travelling the later, wastefully shooting up the surface. I have to clean it every other day.... how can I prevent this, and this fungus from growing, and could it be responsible for the water cloudiness?

My plants are all growing beautifully, I have no algae problems, and I just have cloudiness issues starting a few days before the weekly WC.

Any diagnoses or advise appreciated.
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