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DIY CO2 and light

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A quick question for all you DIT CO2 users out there:

Do you wrap your bottles in any way to keep light out? I've often done this brewing beer in the past, but I think it has more to do with light reacting with the beer to produce thiols (skunking the mash).

I have a 10 gal I'm setting up as a trial "grow out" tank and was going to piddle around with DIY CO2 for awhile until after the holidays when I won't feel guilty blowing a couple hundred bucks on myself setting up another pressurized system. Is light something I should even give a second thought? If not I'll just put the bottle on the bottom shelf which isn't all that dark, but at least doesn't have 20,000 Lumens beaming down on it.
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i dont wrap my bottle. it resides behind my stand, about 3 feet below my light. which is a whopping 13w jebo clip-on, lol.
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