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I just one tank on CO2 now and it's a 1.3 liter bottle for the yeast/sugar reactor the colume is pretty low, but I've found that my previous ways to disperse the CO2 aren't very effective.

I've tried bell-jars and in the past a mini counterflow reactor on the outflow pipe of an old power filter.

What I've tried with my present system is running the CO2 into the impeller chamber of the AquaClear filter, the problem with it is it doesn't disperse all the CO2 fully and a lot of bubbles collect under the filter media and 'burp' through, bringing a bit of bacteria slime with them into the tank. It makes a mess.

I'm presently doing the equivalent of the chopstick diffuser but using shish-kabob skewers which have finer pores through them, and placing the end under the over/outflow of the filter. This seems to be somewhat more satisfactory, but I'm finding I get about 2 weeks life on the skewers before they clog and get a coat of white slime on their outside.

I guess this is to be expected? It's easy enough to make new ones and replace them.
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