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I just finished making 2 55W CF light as part of lighting for my tank rack project. I got the bulbs and electrical parts long time ago and finally I got time to put them together.

Plastic gutter, 10 feet long from Sears Hardware.
55W 6500K Bulbs, 2 of them, from Ebay
4-pin straight lamp holders, 2 sets, from Ebay.
Fulham Workhorse 5 ballast, from Ebay
some 2.5X0.5 lumber, leftover.
16gauge wire, wire nuts, plug, wood screw, etc

saw, screw driver, drill, wire cutter, utility knife, etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here we go:

This is the plastic gutter I got from Sears Hardware. In my area, only Sears sells this type of gutter.

Saw the gutter into 20" pieces:

The parts. I got the bulb and lamp holder set from Ebay long time ago.

I put some 1/2" thick wood under the bulb to lift it away from the plastic. here is what it looks like after I put the parts together.

Bulb fits in nicely

Another light is made following the same procedure. Now comes the wiring part:

All hooked up. ready to go :)

The light works well. Hee hee :cool:

Now try it on my tanks

It feels great when an idea actually works out.

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if this works as well as I think it will...youve just given me a great idea for an upgrade to my tanks...(even tho everything works fine right now...but wheres the fun in that?)

cant believe I never thought to look into eBay for those hard to find parts <_<...especially since Im such an eBay addict
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