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So I have been dealing with BBA for a few months in my 12inch cube. I tried adjusting light and CO2 with no resolve. After checking water params I realized that I have low Nitrate (should have just checked water first.) In the last 6 months I have been doing less maintenance and dosing. My current goal is minimal effort to keep it looking great.

Here is my solution.

Build a simple ATO to control daily dosing of needed nutrients.
-Aqua Lifter
-Metricide 14 (carbon source and algaecide, like excel)
-Food Container

The equipment costs for this totals around $45 dollars shipped.

First order of business was to plug it all up and measure the pump flow at the height of the tank. I pumped about two liters to find the mins-liter ratio. I found that I can run 5 mins a day and keep my tank topped off with RO water. From there I calculated the amount of micros and metricide i needed to dose per day so that it would mix in properly with the 5 min top off. I also plan to do a water change weekly along with an ATO refill.

The top off is not exact. After setting this up I dont think that really matters as long as its close. I would run out of reservoir water before an overflow happened. An all at once timer failure would result in 1 liter of water spilling over. If i do a little extra per day the evaporation rate would prevent an overflow by the time the reservoir would empty. Note: This is in my office so I will watch every day.

In one week the BBA is melting off, I dont have to top off and everything looks much healthier. Not bad for a $45 upgrade.

In the future I will measure water params before the water weekly change and adjust nutrients for the ATO mix to attempt to make it balanced at the end of the next week.

Ill try and add picks later but tapatalk is not working at the moment.
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