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My dad has been wanting to upgrade his fish tank but the spot he wants to put it in is limited in footprint. He has decided on a tank 40"x24x24".
He figured out how we can get all the pieces (sides and bracing) out of one sheet of 8'x4' acrylic. We are prepared to cut the acrylic in our own but are also looking into suppliers capable of cutting the pieces prior to delivery.

And yes, we accounted for the thickness of the acrylic in the plans

I'm trying to find a supplier for the sheet. My dad and I are debating over what is the best kind to use.

We decided on .5" (12mm) thick acrylic but there are many, many species.
Do we want standard cast acrylic or are the Abrasion Resistance...

Here's what I've looked up so far (to be updated) Cast Pricing.htm (Acrylic Sheet 48" x 96" x 1/2" (.472) Thick
Item Number: 44391
Sold By: Sheet
List Price: $423.73)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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