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DIY ADA-like stand for Flora

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After working 3 straight days/nights during the hurricane I had a bit of cabin fever. So I went to Lowes and bought a good bit of 1x12's and some 1x2's and made this. As for the finish, I'm going to get some lexan and spray paint the backside of it gray and liquid nail it to the wood. This is the first thing I've ever built on my own(my dad gave me all of his tools because of his recent promotion to a job in Singapore).
I know it's not pretty but the lexan will cover up the inconsistencies!

I will post a pic when I figure out the best way to cut the lexan and get it on the stand!

P.S. Concealed hinges are a pain! Much respect to the cabinet makers out there..
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Look at formica. It will give you a great looking finish. Don't use liquid nails use a wood glue for the purpose
I was considering formica but I don't have a way to cut it, i was going to get lowes to cut the lexan..good call on the wood glue..
Check out the stands I build, they are on my Ada 120 thread. Pm me and I will let you what glue to use with lean and ply wood, but there are better materials. Search google for working with formica, it's fairly simple. You can also use a venire, some you can cut with a blade and finish them with a file
Yeah I've def already checked out your stand..super rad!!!
Countersink the screws, add some wood pegs, and stain it. Will look lot better than the lexan and will save you some $$$. Just a thought...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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