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Dividing C. helferi

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Can anyone share how to divide my C. helferi? They've done incredibly well in my tank (thanks Mike!!) and a few of the plants have grown too large. Do I just cut through the mass of roots or is there somewhere specific to cut?
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Its ready when you see daughter plants around the base. I have even had mine shoot up a stalk and daughter plants grow from that. Dont just split it up. It will be easy to see if there are multiple plants from the same root mass
When you start to notice a real increase in plant mass, and see some smaller plants, it is time to separate the plant.

I divide it just like a terrestrial grass. Pull up the plant and have a look at the root ball. You should see some individual plant in there. Gently work your fingers in the root mass and pull the plants apart. Nice and slow! Use a light touch as you untangle the smaller plants.


It is much easier to untangle roots if you will put the plant in a bucket of water and gently knead the roots apart under water.
Thanks everyone, I'm glad I asked, I would have just hacked away somewhere in the middle of the root bundle! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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