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Divided betta tank

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How do I run a filter on a divided betta tank? Do I just put one filter for each divided section or just having one will suffice. I plan on dividing a 10 gallon in half or maybe three. And a 20 long by four.
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I assume you mean you're dividing with a solid wall and not something with holes to let water pass?
best thing I would think would be small, tiny, sponge filters turned down to just barely functioning level. but if you are trying to get them ready to breed then I have no idea because they won't like the sponge filters very much to make a nest.
I couldn't use the mesh dividers from the lfs? What could I use then?
You can either use the mesh dividers or a sheet of siliconed acrylic/lexan with some holes drilled for flow.

I've thought about doing the same and I came up with what I think is the only obvious solution.

Put your filter on one end and run a hose/pvs from your filter inlet to the opposite end of the tank. Sucks in water from one end and spills it out the other.
I would extend the pvc/hose all the way to the bottom or even under the substrate.
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I use an Eheim 2211 on a 15 long, divided into 3 compartments. I drilled a new piece of 20 inch tubing from HD so 3 small holes return to each compartment with the inlet to the filter in the middle. There are many small canisters such as the Tom that you could use.
Ok so what else could I use to divide the tank, preferably something easy to get, and that has holes in it for water to pass through.
Is there anything else I can use? Anyone can chime in with what they use.
A friend of mine that breeds cichlids uses this foam stuff from Germany, it's on the pricey side. The main benefit of the foam is you can easily adjust the size of your created space and they are easily removable to be washed, and act as mechanical filters so they will help keep your aquarium cleaner. Here's a link to the German stuff:

Alternatively you can try to use pond filter pads. This stuff is really sturdy, comes in different densities and is cheaper than the German foam, not as good probably though. Here's a picture of what I am talking about.

With the foam style dividers you will only need one filter, heater, airstone (if you choose) per tank, and not per section. The foam will also act as a visual barrier between the fish and reduce a good amount of stress since they will not constantly be in each other eyesight.
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