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Distiller's yeast for DIY Co2?

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Regular baking yeast doesn't work very well in my experience. Champagne yeast was recommended to me. Since I'm cheap, I've been wondering about distiller's yeast instead because it's much cheaper and in larger quantities.

Does anyone have experience using distiller's yeast?

How does it compare to the performance of champagne yeast?
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I've only ever used regular baking yeast usually half a teaspoon but today decided to put in a full teaspoon and I can't believe the difference ! I. Have used champagne yeast but it's more money and to be honest I didn't see a difference in lasting longer .
Well, that's nice that it worked for you but how does that help me?

Can anyone answer the two questions I asked?
I tried several different types of yeast and never noticed a significant change in length of production or amount of of co2 production.
Well, that's nice that it worked for you but how does that help me?QUOTE]

The fact that millions of people out there manage to use regular bakers yeast to create Co2 without a problem but yet you dont seem to be able to ?
I was trying to help you out by saying maybe add more yeast to the mixture....failing that then your yeast has gotten damp and has already activated in the jar/packet meaning its worthless.
I've already tried adding more yeast and my yeast is dry in the package.

I'm not the only one who has problems. Some one else who had problems with bakers yeast recommended that I use champagne yeast.
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