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Disinfecting tank

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It looks like I might be buying a 55 this saturday. The owners fish died so I am going to disinfect the tank and the 2 fluval 404s that come with it. I was thinking that a 20-1 bleach solution with both fluvals hooked up and running for an hour or two should do the trick. Any opinions?

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As long as you cycle it with PRIME afterwards for another few days, followed by a 100% WC you should be fine. Don't forget to continue using PRIME during the 100% WC and there after if you're using tap.
I would use 10:1 bleach solution in a spray bottle and scrub the tank down and then let it dry completely. That should be more than enough to kill anything left in the tank.

However, cycling the tank for 24hrs with a 20:1 solution should work as well since chlorine dissipitates from agitated water in about 24 hours. I would definitely use a dechlorinator as well just in case before I drained the tank.
I usually use straight white vinegar for cleaning/disinfecting tanks. This is less hazardous than bleach and it also clears lime deposits from the glass.
Thank you for the replys. I will cycle it with both filters for a couple of days with a real light solution. I don't have any prime but I do have novaqua. That should work I would think....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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