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Hi guys.

I asked this on another forum, but I want to get more opinions. Sorry for the repeat performance.

I'm all set to completely renovate my planted tank which has been up and running for about 9 years, but almost completely neglected for the past 5. At different points in time this tank has been infected with every imaginable freshwater algae, but currently has a fairly extensive infection of BBA, diatoms, surface scum and some unknown brown slime.

It has a Flourite substrate rich with years of fish poo and super dependable Eheim filter which I plan to reuse, but other than that all plants and hardscape are being replaced. I have new lights, CO2 and fresh EI fertz ready to go.

So, my questions:

* Should I give the Flourite and Eheim a bleach bath to nuke any stowaway algae and spores? I know this would kill all of my beneficial bacteria as well and thus require the tank to cycle and also wash away the nutrient rich mulm. Is this a worthwhile tradeoff for starting algae free?

* Would disinfecting the substrate and filter with a strong Excel solution perhaps get the algae but spare the beneficial bacteria?

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