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Okay a bit of background:
Completely new to keeping shrimp but absolutely love them already. Atm I have 2 bamboo shrimp and 4 amano shrimp. I did have some cardinal tetra. A while ago they got white spot. I (stupidly) waited a couple of days not doing much, assuming I could pick up some white spot meds next time I went to fish shop.
have recently moved to Denmark and did not realise that selling fish tank medication is banned here (along with marmite?!?!) so I had to get some online. Bought some, then luckily realised that it would kill off my shrimp so cancelled the order. In this time of faffing the white spot got worse, I had upped the temp too late and so all my fish have dissapointedly died.
But my shrimp are still okay, yay.

So I was wondering if there are any common diseases/ailments shrimp can get? And how to treat these if they occur?
I would like to know before it happens, so I can buy anything I need and have it in the house ready incase it is another banned item and I have to get it online which takes time to come through.

Thanks :)
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the main thing shrimp get are bacterial infections. keep the tank cool and be careful when you introduce new shrimp. the thing is each tank has its own bacterial make up. new shrimp will bring bacteria with them to your tank. the new shrimp could possibly get sick from what is already in your tank and you shrimp could possibly get sick from what the new shrimp bring. go slow acclimating and keep a close eye on the tank parameters and you should be ok.
great thanks. what sort of acclimating regime do you follow? how much to add over what time period
best way to acclimate shrimp is with a drip acclimation. using airline to drip water to slowly adjust to new water. some do 30 min some do longer. depending on what shrimp i get in i have dripped as long as 8 hours and a volume of about 4 cups of water
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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