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I upgraded my 40b tank to a 75 gallon tank about 2.5 weeks ago and I'm slowly losing fish to, presumably, some sort of disease. One of the fluval 406's was running on the 40b tank before upgrading so, the 75 gallon tank is cycled. The tank is heavily planted as well (plants came out of the 40b). I try to do 25% water changes weekly, more if I am having issues.

Here's my equipment info:
75 gallon tank
2 - fluval 406's
2 - current satellite plus
5lb CO2 tank with in tank diffuser
Flourite black sand/ black diamond blasting sand mixed substrate
Osmocote root tabs

Stocking includes:
1 BN pleco
2 Endlers
3 Espei Rasboras
16 Celestial Pearl Danios
40+ Red Cherry Shrimp
10 Otos
1 Dwarf Neon Rainbow
1 Boesemani Rainbow

I've been wanting to get more Rainbows and Rasboras but, this fish health issue has me on pause at the moment.
I feed about 5 times a week Fluval tropical fish flakes and brine shrimp. For the grazers, zucchini and green seaweed algae grazer strips.

Water Parameters
GH 161 ppm
KH 4 dg
pH 6.6-7.2
NH3 0
N02 0
NO3 20 ppm
PO4 1 ppm
Temp 72F

So here's where things started going wrong... A week after setting up the tank and getting all my fish (first half of stocking list) settled in, I purchased some new fish in a couple of batches. Probably where I introduced something unwanted...
Batch 1: 1 boesemani, 2 Dwarf Neon Rainbows
Batch 2: 1 Boesemani, 5 otos

Lost one Boesemani into thin air, no trace or anything. I assume he was either siphoned down the drain during a water change or died and disappeared into the plants. Discouraging but not a disease issue to my knowledge.

I then lost 1 Espei to dropsy, pretty positive on this one as his scales were spiked out and he lost all his color. He died in a quarantine tank.

About a week ago, I checked the tank in the morning and my Dwarf Neon Rainbow was gasping at the surface. He was the only on in the tank gasping... I started a 50% water change and dialed my CO2 back immediately. Water tests showed my CO2 was at about 40ppm and NH3 was 0.25. He passed later that evening. I think the ammonia got him. If the CO2 was an issue, all the fish would be struggling.

This week I've lost 3 CPDs. About an every other day frequency... This is the main issue I am concerned about. I've had them about a year now. They have always had larger bellys but, a few of them definitely seem bloated. It's hard to tell if they are lacking color as only females seem affected (or at least noticeably affected) so, their color is already lighter. I do think their gills are red. I did a 30% water change 3 days ago and will do a 50% tomorrow, as I just found a dead CPD on the filter intake this evening.

Being a large community tank, I would really like to avoid buying a bunch of Meds, dosing and doing daily water changes. Especially because I am uncertain as to what is causing my CPD to die. I really need this under control though.

Is this a bacterial infection / stomach issue or parasite? Should I reduce my feeding or try the mashed up pea thing? Any advice would be appreciated.

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