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Discus fish

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Looking for local discus fish breeders in the San Antonio,TX. area? The last couple of months really fell in love with keeping these fish....Gathering all the info can find. Thanks for any assistance.
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Did you find any local Discus breeders? One day I will be looking too...I did find one in Dallas and Houston.
Found a very nice place in Houston and purchased two nice sized fish there at good reasonable price. Please do check out:
Also nice person to deal with.....
if you are willing to do some traveling... caddo mills to john nicholson's house... he made nada north america discus asst.
If you're still gathering info to get rolling properly with discus, farebox, it may help a bit to have a read of my illustrated discus guide on - here's the link:
River City Aquatics and Aquatek in Austin seem to have good stock/knowledge of discus.
Checked out the two places in Austin, not impressed. The best place to buy for me was in Houston. The two fish have spawned and growing fry....
+1 on houuston aquarium warehouse. They have some beautiful discus there. Been there plenty of times just to look. :)
i stoped by Alamo aquatics yesterday, and they had some discus. unfortunately they were sick and not for sale. but Mona (she used to breed them) said they'ed be around 60$ when they got better.
Looking good, farebox!

The breeder we got them from purged them for 3 days instead of 1 day and was also breeding them in sterile conditions. She was not told that until after she ordered them. You dont want to see an angry Mona! Lol.
lol, i bet! they looked beautiful never the less, do you know what kind they were?
I think all we have now are blue discus.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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