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Secondary tank specs

a. Already cycled (2G)
b. Lightly planted, taking a slow and easy approach to complete the scape
c. Disaster victim - dwarf gourami (deceased), 5 small platty (deceased)
d. Disaster survival - 3 small cory, 1 otto

What happened
a. Bought the platty, thought of using secondary tank as a quarantine zone, one platty died without much sympton of a disease, the next thing, 4 platty developed white spot, took them out to another vacant tank, the next thing dwarf gourami developed the whitespot, and died out within few hours, total duration of ich outbreak - less than 48 hours.

b. It has been more than 3 days since the last outbreak, sighz, I guess everthing should be fine by now

Can't imagine if the fish were not quarantined
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