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(about 3 months old) Its still very much a work in progress, some random potting dirt topped with a mix of different aquarium gravels. I dont know the name of any plants, sorry. I know its a huge mess but I honestly really like the algae.(especially that wierd algae that looks like a thin java moss, it just grew out of no where and that green algae on the rocks. I love it haha ) It only has a pleco and 2 shrimp in it. Ill be getting some fish soon. Im running a 24W HO 6000 some thing K light and a 15 W 8000 some thing K. running on timer 9 hours a day
My co2 ladder is never on, it has little effect cause the filter airates the water alot and im to lazy to mess with the yeast. so its kinda low/med tech
I have a few questions.

2) Why is my red leaf plant shooting that one tiny leaf up to the top? xD it usually just makes really big leafs. Also I didnt know that it would get that big, or i wouldnt have put it in front. (It stayed small in my other tanks)

4)I notice lots of air bubbles that rise from the substrate, is that good?

Thanks for the read, And I would appreciated any suggestions.
Overall I am happy with my tank.
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