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Hoping to see some good growth soon. This is 2 weeks post-initial set up.

40 gal
Substrate: Miracle grow organic potting soil, fluorite and Eco complete mixed, sand on top.
Plants: micro sword, jungle val, amazon sword, anacharis (moderately planted)
Strip lighting- 2 30 Watt incandescent, 1 Coralife Actinic ( these are 5 years old and need replacing)
Flood light (65Watt, 5700K)
Lights are left on for 8 hours a day

DIY set up, about 1-2 bubbles per second being cycled through a pump.

I do 50% water changes once a week.
I fertilize using seachem flourish nitrogen, potassium,phosphorus, iron, trace.

7 tiger barbs

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Plant Water Pet supply Organism Terrestrial plant
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I change the bulbs each year. The spectrum breaks down from the heat on the coating that is on the inside of the bulbs. How long does that take. No one knows for sure.
I think most change them at one year but of course there are exceptions in both
Loew's or Home Depot have GE bulbs that are good for plants.
One says "Daylight" on the package and is 6500K.
The other says "Plant/Aquarium" bulb. Careful on this one. They have two of them.
The one I have that works good on plants says on the package that it has enhansed
blue and red spectrums. The other may even be the same bulb in another package
but it doesn't mention the blue/red on the package and I just avoid it.
I mentioned these because they are local and that means no shipping and they are less than pet shop bulbs.
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