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Dirted, Planted 1.5 beta

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This is my dirted planted 1.5 it's been going for 6 weeks plants alone. I then added 2 ghost shrimp and snails. A few weeks after that I then added the beta. He seems much happier than the plastic Walmart cup he was in.
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Here's a closer pic. Sorry for the side ways, it's taken with an iPhone.
I think he looks happy in his jungle home.
Depending on what phone you have.. some let you rotate the photos.
Whats the 'grass' plant?
That front grass is going to take over the tank in no time and will leave no room for your betta to swim around. I would move it all to the back wall and leave an open space up front.....or remove the betta entirely.
The grass plant is cyperus helferi. I appreciate the advice but just moving the plants to the back isn't doable in a small dirted tank like that. I am all over keeping it trimmed down though. At the moment he has plenty of swimming room and is very active. Swims to the front and watches me while I'm in the kitchen. I won't hesitate to move him tanks though if his comfort becomes an issue.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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