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I have a question. Can anyone recommend a programable dimmer that works with the Twinstar 1200SA?

I need dimming capability and also ramp up/down as well.

I have a Way2top dimmer that works well with my 24" Twinstar but I am migrating to a 48" tank with a 1200SA light and am concerned that the light will draw too much current for the dimmer. I have looked for specs on the the dimmer and the 1200 but have not found any yet.



I am going to answer my own question.

I did find a YouTube video by Jurijs Jutjajevs today where he is demoing it with his 1200S so it looks like a go.

By the way this dimmer works perfectly with my current 600SA. I will just move it over once my new tank arrives.

Really looking forward to more space for the fish to roam in!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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