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What can i get that isnt bml brand for my xb bml lights. Solunar is dead and im desperate since i cant use the lights without a dimmer.

They use inventronics drivers..early models may be Meanwell..
Should be fairly easy to figure it out.. Image below uses an invertronics number for cross reference.
Should (may) work w/ a 10k pot...
Def works w/ 0-10V dimming..

I know automated is the final answer.. but manual should be a piece of cake.

Heck a lithium battery applied to the dim circuit will cut output over 50%..

Probably want a current limiting resistor in there though..

9V battery and 10k pot should work as well..

If you don't get an apex or bluetooth (not mini) or any other 10v dim controller..
Any PWM one can be modded w/ a little add on board such as this:

Converting the 0-10v signal from an APEX to a PWM signal - Reef Central Online Community
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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