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digital timer power strips

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Hey guys,

I read on one thread that someone got their's from target on clearance for $9, but was unable to find any at target, wal-mart, lowe's, ACE, or k-mart. The only thing I found was at ACE and it had the old turn dial timer on top of it. How do I avoid paying $30-$40 at the petco/petsmart just because it has a marine logo/brand on it? Any link? I need about.... 6?
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Try the Home Depot as they have several timers. I would suggest the digital as they do not make a ticking noise. They have strip timers and single outlet timers.
I believe they put them on clearance to get rid of them. Digital timers work well, you can connect a power strip or splitter to one if needed. Get the 15 amp one for lights.......DC
I will have to check HD when I am back in Manhattan. I have 2 of these for my reef tank, but they were the ones from petco, and even as an employee, they were ridiculously expensive.

Any other sources?
Digital timers never worked for me, maybe just bad luck.
The mechanical ones at Home Depot work great at turning on and off but, don't expect to get exact timing out of them. They will be off by minutes, one from another.
I have six of them.
Remember you can put more than one item to be controlled to each.
My main problem was that I always bumped the dials and it messed them up. I am zip tying them to my frog racks this time, I may consider them if I cannot find the digital ones...
Does anyone know where I can get a digital timer power strip sent to an address in canada (for less than the price of my car in shipping...)? These are sooooo hard to find for some reason. I've tried all the major stores and even some of the smaller chains and my lfs. Nobody has digital power strips.

If not, another question I have is how do you deal with trying to get everything (lights, co2, filter, heater, aerator, etc) automated without having 6 different power timers?
Plug a 6 outlet strip into the timer and lights into the strip.
Make sure it is grounded (3 prong) and DO NOT remove the ground prong with channelock to use a 2 prong timer unless you have fire insurance.

The timer i always use is the one by InterTec readily available here in MN at Home Depot. The are digital which is really nice because you can program 14 On/offs and they are accurate to the minute.

PS I do not recommend the cheesy made in Taiwan powerstrips (all plastic) I have a competitor who was in litigation for 4 yrs because a cheap powerstrip shorted out in a dentists office and started a fire under the aquarium on the weekend suffice to say it was "smoky on Monday" in the office. Try to get a commercial grade from Graingers or somewhere AT least for your lighting. You are pulling some decent amps thru the light circuit, and plastic has a low melting point.

PS If you email me I can send you the .PDF from the InterTec user manual so you can source the company. Just Google them, or call direct and ask where can i buy these in my neck of the woods, they are happy to sell them to you probably closer than you think?

Just my .02


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Maybe try in another Walmart cause I've been in 2 and they had one (digital). I guess it's okay, only one outlet but for $7 it is a good deal. I've got 3 and one died after a month, but the other 2 work for more than 6 months. The one from petsmart is way too expensive in my opinion.
Both Home Depot and Lowes have a digital timer with a 3-prong outlet. I think it's $15-20. Plug a power strip into it and you're good to go. You don't need a top of the line strip, but something with a fuse in it is good in case there's a short.

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