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digital ph tester?

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I was thinking about buying a cheap digital ph tester
says its
Resolution: 0.1 pH.

is that same as, less, or more accurate than a common liquid test kit?
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It's the degree of accuracy when properly calibrated, not a measurement against kits or strips.
I guess what I am really asking is can I use a digital ph tester instead of liquid drops
Sure why not, if you have the money. You'll need to calibrate it every so often.
ebay has one that is aroound 10$ (I dont trust it)
but there is also one around 20$ thats made for pools, to test ph and chlorine
I figure the second one could be really useful during water changes to make sure no chlorine and that I have the right ph because I use IAL

I dont think I can link ebay on here but I can copy paste the description for more infor if needed

its called "Home Swimming Pool Water pH / CL2 Tester"
you think its worth it?
It's cheap for a reason. Read the reviews on amazon.

Honestly you'll use it a few times and it'll sit in the back of a drawer somewhere.
figured it was too cheap to be true
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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