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Diffusor or reactor for 125 gallon

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This is for my low tech 125 gallon. I am taking the shortcut to getting rid of my BBA problems. Plus I want to make it maintenance free or as close to it as possible, so I am going to add pressurized CO2. I have an Eheim 2028 and an FX5 on this tank. If I go with a reactor, I will go with a Rex type hooked up to the 2028. If I go with a diffusor, I would go with one being misted by the FX5.

Which would work better in my scenario, keeping in mind that the bubble rate would be fairly low (1 - 2 bps or so), since my lighting is just over 1 WPG?

Would I need more than one diffusor and misting point to disperse CO2 properly in a tank this size (it's a 6 footer)? If so, would a reactor do this more efficiently? Or is this all just personal preference? I've got a DIY rig on there right now which is working ok, but to keep the bubble rate that high, I am having to redo the solutions every week, which is a lot of work.
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You would want something that helps dissolve CO2 into your water column more efficient. IMO, Reactor probably does a better job!
I am currently misting, in my 20 gallon, and it works great. However, I am just wondering whether it would even work on a 125 gallon if there is only one diffusor. I prefer not to go to a maniford with multiple diffusors, etc.
Dual reactors. For a 6 ft tank you really want dual CO2 injection points.
Dual reactors. For a 6 ft tank you really want dual CO2 injection points.
I have to agree here. I never did get enough CO2 in with only 1 inline reactor. and 6 feet is a long way to try and spread bubbles.
Dual reactors if you could, but you shuold definitely use reactor.
Hmmm, since I can't drive a reactor with the FX5, I guess I'll have to build a second in-tank reactor with a powerhead?
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