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Diffuser or inline reactor?

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Not to stir up an age old battle, but I want to upgrade my crappy Foster & Smith CO2 package after six months of hating it. It came with a diffuser, which hasn't annoyed me too much so far. If I get another diffuser, it will be a Rhinox 2000. I'm also considering an inline reactor. I can't seem to find much information on which is really better in the end, so I suppose it depends on the setup. I have a 30 gallon tank with a Rena XP2 filter. I already have a Hydor inline heater on the filter output, so I'm concerned about reduced flow if I go with an inline reactor. Any thoughts as to which would be better for my particular system?
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If you are concerned about flow, you'd be better off with the diffuser.

I think inline reactors are superior though. They are out of the tank, don't need any maintenance, are simple and cheap to build, and very efficient.
Well, I'm not sure whether or not I should be concerned about flow, so I guess I'm concerned about whether or not I should be concerned. lol. Does anyone have both an inline heater and a reactor on an XP2 without problems?
coming from a rhinox 5000 to an aquamedic 1000 reactor only for 2 weeks mind you the reactor wins hands down for me.
The diffuser had to be cleaned every 2 weeks and I always had a nasty film on the top of my water... plus I broke the suction buds off in 2 weeks of use.
Hated the rhinox
All of the nasty film is gone from day 1 and I notice my co2 get to 30 ppm so much faster with the AM 1000.I also love the fact its hidden in my cabinet.
I agree with mott. I've used almost every form of diffuser/reactor out there. I have 6 tanks 10gallon to 90 gallons. I used a ADA diffuser on my 10 Gallon for a few months. Had to clean it every two weeks. Like mott, a film of something cover the water. I've also used a Vortex internal reactor but that sucked too. The sponge need to be clean every week and every water change meant I need to shake the pump to get it to start again.
All my tanks from the 10gal to the 90gal used a AM Reactor 1000, Hydor inline heater and a Ehiem.
I've seen pics on this forum that a XP2 will be able to do both as well. I don't have any experience with the XP2 myself. If you need more flow just add another canister filter. That is what I have. Two 2217 Ehiem on my 90gal(ADA 120H), 75gal, and 60gal Oceanic cube.
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