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Diffuse CO2 through spray bar?

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Is it possible to diffuse enough co2 by connecting a tube through a spray bar? I'm thinking if I do the bubbles will be pushed out so fast that they might not dissolve.
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I think most people will tell you to run the tube up the intake so that the CO2 can run its way through the canister, dissolve, and then come out the spray bar. I've done this before and it works well. It gurgles a bit at times when the CO2 bubbles swirl around the impeller, but corrects itself quickly.
running it through the canister will probably be more efficient. But it cant hurt to give it a try at running it through the spray gut says it will not work too well.
Possible? Sure.
Would you want to? I wouldn't advise it.

Just pipe it in through the intake for best results.
It will just send large bubbles out of the spray bar...There will be not enough space or time for the co2 to dissolve
Ok, thank you for all of your responds I will see what I can do about running it through the intake.
I ran mine trough a small internal filter with a spraybar ($15 at petsmart). I was afraid that the bubbles would make the canister pump cavitate and ruin the pump.

I am guessing the pump will be OK if others have been doing it for a while.
I was afraid of damage to the impeller as well as find the noise anoying, so I went to lowes and found metal pipe fittings, about 5 or 6 of them that would all screw together, and fit inbetween the 5/8 in hose on the output of the canister. The 3rd fitting allows the small air line tubing to connect into the middle of the 5/8 ones, allowing you to pump the co2 right into the stream. I found that by the time it gets to the spray bar, it is almost 100% absorbed. I will get a small amount of co2 bubbles, just like I did when I was running a glass diffuser. Now I have less stuff in my tank, works great.
I have a costom PVC spray bar that hangs under the lip of the front and 2 sides of the tank. My Co2 is shot into a pump with a needle wheel impeller and I feel it dissolves better AND I get better distribution throughout the tank. There is also the benefit of less equipment in the tank ( no diffuser, no outlet since spray bar cant be seen) The only thing visible in my tank is the inlet.
Well I do have two extra canisters that I found in the trash maybe I could turn one of those into a reactor.
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