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Difficult Plants

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I am interested in growing several plants that are supposed to be pretty hard to grow. I am wondering if they are really as hard to grow as people say, or if it can be done given my equipment. I (plan to) have:

55 gallon tank
Emperor 400 Filter (probably with bio-wheels removed)
220W of light (planning on doing a DIY fixture using AH Supply 55W retrofit kits)
SMS Charcoal with whatever is left of my eco-complete

Using the above, is it possible to grow Blyxa Japonica, Glosso (as patches in a carpet), Downoi, and HM (as a carpet)?
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with 220w of light you should be able to grow those plants without difficulty.

That being said, you need a consistent fert program and consistent CO2, you may want to consider pressurized CO2 if you're going to go with that much lighting.
I have grown all of those in a 55 with half as much light, and a few "harder" to grow, I also have pressurized CO2 so Im sure that helps.

I agree with hooha, you really should go pressurized with that much light over a 55. 110 watss is plenty
How much would you say a decent pressurized system would cost? I'm not broke yet...but I'd like to keep it that way.
Assuming you will not use a controller....

Regulator $100
Tubing $5
5lb CO2 tank $60-80 (get one locally that you can "swap" for refills)
diffusor (glass) $5-10
drop checker - $10 (or make your own)

Or...increase your DiY CO2 - over 2-3 years you'll spend that much anyway on yeast and sugar (and time...and potentially lost plants and frustration with algae issues).
Adding to Hooha and Bigsticks wise advice that the DIY C02 will be your downfall with that much light, you will also need a better filter with good media.
Hmmm...I don't think I have the money for all that right now. Should I change my light plans to match my CO2?
I personally would wait until I had the $ to do it right and how you want it. When half ass it you end up spending the $ later any way.

Add also to Craig, your HOB filter will out gas your already unstable CO2 as well.
Like Bigstick said, doing it right the first time is a much better choice than rushing everything. Save your money for the better equipment, it's worth it!
I have the money, I just don't want to spend a lot :(

I've been getting most of my stuff second hand and it's been unimaginabley cheaper, but CO2 equipment is not really readily found second hand.
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