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Hi everyone,

I have the same floating plant, from the same origins, in two separate tanks. In one of them (3 months old relatively established tank) the roots are short, while in the other (2 weeks old, relatively cycled due to the previously used sponge filter) the roots of the same plant suddenly grew much longer, and grew fast. See the photos.

The difference between the tanks that I'm aware of:
1. Short roots tank has some CO2 injection, while the other doesn't
2. Short roots tank is heated to 25C (77F), the other is kept around 21C (70C)
3. Short roots tank is bigger & populated, while the other has just a few guppy youth for better cycling

Both have descent lighting, fertilising & filters, zero ammonia & nitrates, similar weekly water changes.

What do you think could cause the difference in roots length?


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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