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This is true based on my observations of my own fish...

My Bolivian Rams are the most sensitive to increased levels of CO2. I have lost several of the ones I raised from breeding an adult pair in my experiments with CO2 in the past. They go down to the bottom of the tank and sit there, don't respond to food or other fish.

Angels are not as bad but I do notice their movements slow down somewhat as well.

My gold zebra lyretail danios couldn't care less about what I do in the tank, CO2, no CO2, whatever (that's why I love them - they're always playing with each other and acting happy.)

My black neon tetras as well as harlequin rasboras also don't seem to mind the increase in CO2 levels at all.

Have you found the above to be true? My primary goal is plants, and fish secondary, so I'm considering moving the Rams to a different tank.

Lastly, how about Clown Loaches and CO2? They're the fish I've been eyeing for years and just haven't gotten around to getting them for some reason.

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