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Difference in Mosquito and Sailfin molly Fry

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hey guys, so i have found cool little ditch that has some pretty sailfin mollys, and sadly also Mosquito fish. the adults are to smart for me to catch, and never come near the shoreline. but the the fry are aboundant near the shore.

my thinking is that i will just catch fry and raise them up. I want to try my best to bring home only mollys though, are there any identifiers that would help me be selective about who i bring home?
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Fry in the mosquito fish are going to be almost transparent while the molly fry may
already have longitudinal stripes. They will be stubby also compared to the Mo fry.
Catch a few and compare them. It will be easier once you see them side by side.
Be sure you have a splash guard under your bulbs. The male mollies have a very
splashy mating dance. Given enough food and room to swim, the females can get 4.5"
and the males 4" and they aren't as picky about water conditions as store bought mollies are.
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