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Die-back on Cryptanthus and Nephrolepis

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Hey all,

Total n00b looking for advice. Currently, I'm running a 12x12x18 with a Jungle dawn 11w and NEHERP v2 substrate. LECA drainage layer is in place. Screen top has a glass layer on it and the tank stays foggy in the morning and evening when I spray with tap water (getting a reptile safe conditioner soon). Heating pad hooked up to a temperature controller keeps the tank around 78 constantly. CUC are springtails with dwarf isopods and the only inhabitant is a juvenile crested gecko.

About ten days ago I added some Tradescantia, Cryptanthus, and Nephrolepis. The Tradescantia is doing awesome and growing roots from all the nodes as it tries to anchor itself I believe.

On the other hand, the Nephrolepis looks the ends of some of the fronds are dying back. I tried to plant it behind a piece of wood because I know they don't love direct light.

Additionally, the Cryptanthus is experiencing some die back at the end of some of the larger leaves. Particularly concerning to me is that on some of them it looks like a white flaky texture and I'm concerned it could be scale insects or something similar. I can't make out any individual insects though so maybe that's a good sign. Also, the plant is definitely starting to gain some red pigment under the high lighting (good sign?)

I don't know if this is all normal due to shipping plants in winter or these are signs of a more serious problem that I need to deal with. Hopefully, the experts here can point me in the right direction. Thanks a ton!

Pics - Vivarium plant dieback - Album on Imgur
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