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Did vendor sell me the wrong moss? Is this Christmas Moss?

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Hi All,

First I want to thank everyone here who takes the time to post responses and help others in the forum. I'm one of those hobbyists that has gotten much help from public forums like these over the years, but never joined one. The advice here has at times been incredibly valuable.

I have come across a situation that despite my best research skills, I can't solve and am wondering if someone can figure this out. I recently just purchased a moss from a vendor that was labeled as "Christmas Moss (VESICULARIA MONTAGNEI)" however the sample I got doesn't look anything like the Christmas Moss images I've found on the internet.

See the first two images - the first image below, entitled "Moss-I-Received.jpg", is the one I received in the mail. The second image - "Moss-Shown-On-Vendor-Website.jpg" - is the one shown on the vendor's website. Yes they do look the same and it was my bad for not comparing the vendor photo with the photos on the internet (I just ordered based on label/name).

However look at the third image - this is like the many on the internet and is what I think Christmas Moss should look like. It has the triangular "tree like" structure and I don't see that on the moss I got at all. I wondered if maybe the moss I got hasn't grown out long enough yet, but I found one source that says the length of Christmas moss is up to 1.5 inches and mine is already an inch, but as you can see in the photo there is no perpendicular branches coming out of any of the stems and definitely none have a triangular tree shape.

Can someone confirm if what I got is Christmas Moss at an early growth stage and if it isn't Christmas Moss, what Moss is this?

It looks similar to Flame Moss to me, though some flame moss seems to display a twisty shape and I don't see that with these stems much...

Many thanks to anyone that can help!!!


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Hi everyone, thank you so much for your quick and helpful replies. Before I sent an email to their customer service, I wanted to get some opinions first and it seems the feedback confirms my concerns. It's too bad as I've had a great experience with them and this is my first real issue...

I actually suspect another moss may be wrong as well but let's see...

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